Soul Media Promotional video

Soul Media is a publishing company based in Nederland. They gave me the opportunity to edit their first video, as a promotional tool for their magazines.

They are covering various outdoor-sports including surf, kite surf, snowboard, ski, windsurf, MTN bike & road bike representing the elements of the riding sports as wind, earth, water & snow, for sure.

In our world where the numeric is taking over and the interest is only focus on scrolling your Facebook timeline while drinking your morning coffee, Soul Media is a survivor of the “old Print media”. Their passion is still the same, and people are still subscribing to their magazine, they explain to me that the members are still the same , but the amount of work to keep them raised in the past years.. They have to be more and more creative to interest the public which already have saw everything online.

So, this year, they decided to use a numeric weapon to raise awareness and show the world that print media is still alive !

This video have been selected as part of the BEST OF THE WEEK of Rider’s Match.

Work: Editing, Color grading Software : FCPX, Motion 5, Adobe Lightroom