Seb Jam // season 2014

Seb Jam Season 2014

Last winter was my second season as a professional Snowboarder. Still based in Verbier, switzerland. A perfect place for training cause of the accessibility of the terrain, but also the spot to progress & discovers new lines with the infinite Backcountry the Val de Bagnes have to offer.

If 2013 was a great contest year for me, season 2014 wasn’t the same. Many crashes in 3 & 4 stars, sometimes cause by a lack of concentration but mostly cause of my lines choices. My philosophy always have been : go big or go home, it helped me to become the rider I am now, but also is a brake in my quest to qualify to the world tour. I need to reconsider my choices for this upcoming season and be wiser & more clever. Thanks to EngadinSnow where I scored 2th, I can still access to the best events of the FWQ.

Normally, we have a good team of cameramen / riders in Verbier, and even if it is not always perfect, we manage to shoot enough footage for edit a season video like the one can see here. Last year, I made the choice to live up in the mountain, to prevent Verbier lifestyle. That add to my travel, I didn’t find enough time to go out with my mates and film as we do normally. So, the result is pretty poor in my opinion, a lot of Gopro and medium quality footage. But I try to show a bit of the pleasure of riding & sharing we have in the mountain, hope you felt it. Sharing with friends, this is a basic component of happiness and I have miss it a bit through last winter, even if we had great time with the Poederbaas Team and with all the riders of the FWQ. I was missing this days, where you just go in the mountain and enjoy with your mate powder, a kicker or just a shred on slope. I won’t do the same error, and will take time to have this days again…

Anyway, winter is here. A new season, a new adventure. It will, hopefully, be bless with a lot of snow, travels and friendship.

Be safe & enjoy your winter.

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