Not Far Away from home is OUT!

‘With an old French camper van, a playlist filled with indy folk music, several off-piste and splitboard sets, a fully equipped camera bag and a few laptops we travelled South. The South which is known for it’s precious beaches, but forgotten for it’s demanding peaks…the Pyrenees.’

The team of four riders began their journey without any planning, preparation or expectations, but only three marked places on their map: El Pas de la Casa (Andorra), Baquèira-Beret (Spain) and Pic du Midi de Bigorre (France). Without knowing what to find, one goal was set: this journey would be an excellent ender of the season. And they would find the very last powder fields to leave their bootprints. Unfortunately most of the areas had already closed their lifts, the roads were already defrosting and classic spring rain made sure nobody had dry socks left. The mission seemed doomed, at least for less motivated riders. But these mountain goats went through and that resulted in hilarious moments, relaxing camper van vibes and one big spectacular run down on Le Petit Alaska at the Pic du Midi de Bigorre. Winter is a never ending story.

A RIDER’S JOURNEY is a production company that captures and shares passion. It’s created by experienced riders and film makers, passionated ourselves. Everything starts by a journey and every journey is born out of passion. It can be
the passion of riding, sliding, jumping, flying and playing with the elements. The passion of adventure, of testing your limits and discovering new things. Or maybe it’s the passion of travelling: from the corner of your street to the middle of
nowhere. Discover your journey and enjoy the ride with us.
About the media team:
Sébastien Jam and Mirte van Dijk are both dedicated snowboarders. He is French, she is from Holland. Sébastien is known for his participation in many freeride competitions and as a video maker, Mirte is editor in chief of Taste
Snowboard Magazine. Picking up a camera became something natural for both of them.

About the riders:
Rens de Wild and Stephan Verheij are hard to separate. They are both certified snowboard guides and living in Kaprun, Austria, where no mountain, valley or field remain undiscovered for their passion to freeride. With splitboard and climbing gear ready to go, they make always time in between working days for unique trips.

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