IN THE LONG RUN | Trailer by a rider’s journey

IN THE LONG RUN | Trailer by a rider’s journey

“Four European snowboarders traveled to the highest peaks of untouched Mongolia to meet with like-minded adventurers. Four Mongolian snowboarders did the same. A mix of culture, perspective and knowledge came together during this splitboard expedition in the Altai, the first one in history.

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Not far away from home

Not Far Away from home is OUT!

‘With an old French camper van, a playlist filled with indy folk music, several off-piste and splitboard sets, a fully equipped camera bag and a few laptops we travelled South. The South which is known for it’s precious beaches, but forgotten for it’s demanding peaks…the Pyrenees.’

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Two cover for one trip

He hiked up on the cover of Hoogtelijn (the Dutch mountaineering magazine) and picked his line down at Pic du Midi on the cover of Taste Snowboard Magazine. The 2 first cover of Mirte van Dijk.

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Skimetraje | freeride festival in Pamplona

Second festival we have been invited to, the Skimetraje | Festival de cortos del Pirineo in Pamplona.

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Xtreme Video | Compilation of the week

Freebord is once again featured inside a Xtreme best off.
This time, it is in the XTreme Video “Compilation of the week” along with my friend Pierre Linckenheld.
Enjoy the ride!

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Throw back August | People are awesome!

A old video published on People are awesome!
Pretty nice buzz for a video from 2014, Facebook counter close to 900K views.

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A winter off

The winter started pretty well, snow was starting to fall in Tirol and my legs were getting strong. I just turned 31 and january was supposed to be an awesome month.

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Camping Tirol

December camping in Tirol | Spot quest

New winter, new adventure. After many years in Valais, Switzerland, I finally packed my bags to start a new journey. Direction: Tirol, Austria.

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New parution in Taste snowboard Magazine & Hoogtelijn

In winter 2015, we went for an adventure far east in Romania. The trip and idea was organized by Mirte van Dijk for Taste Snowboard magazine.

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DPL | approved by the Netherland

Friday 30th October was the premiere of the Poederbaas first freeride movie, DPL. It have been a great adventure to be part of the Down the Powderline process.
It is hard to remember a moment more intense than others.

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