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Last Friday, we have beed informed by WePowder there were some snow in Monterosa, Italie. We decided to take the road from Verbier with Yan Hardy & Sébastien baritussio. Direction Gressoney !

We took the car at 6h30 in Bruson and start driving to Italie, the classic road is to go by the tunnel of St Bernard Pass. Not a lot of people know that there is a deal between ski resort in Aosta and the tunnel, if you come from switzerland to go skiing in Italie, you don’t have to pay the full price of the tunnel. Pay a one way trip, and when you come back, you show your proof of ski pass of the day in Italie, and you are free to go back. Don’t forget to keep the original ticket of the tunnel as well. This deal is working till 3 day after you first drive through, and is available in Aosta, Vallais & Savoie Valley, more information on their website.

Arrived in Gressoney, we were amazed by the temperature, difficult to know what to wear at the top of the mountain when it is spring down there. Anyway, you could see the vestige of snowfall at the bottom of the resort, they definitely had a better start than us in switzerland. Gear up, lift up. Ready to drop in, but the cloud were stock in the mountain and we started to be scared that our trip could be sterile.

The sun finally gave us a heads up and as common in the mountain, you are facing this incredible scenery of white mountain, sun and cloudy sea, always in movement. Just for this instant, the trip was saved.

Hard to decided what to do, it was clear that there were a good snowpack covered by 20-30cm of fresh snow but depending the exposition, the snow could be crusty. As the cloud were moving fast, we had to make an efficient decision. We find close to us, and untouched field. The sun was kind of stuck there and we spend our first hour taking pictures on it. Some face-shoot after, we were pretty happy to have make the right call and catch a good light when the sun decided it was enough fun for the day and just left.

The snow transformed immediately on our way down, a bit of sun and a high temperature even at 3000m made us feel that springs was back. Impossible to have an efficient shooting on a white day with bad snow. On the way down, we noticed the dam in the bottom, a frozen lake you can see everywhere from the resort. The good thing at this time of the year, is that the ice haven’t take over yet, and even on a white day, you can see the reflect of the landscape through the water.

We decided to spend the rest of the day there, eating a late lunch, making time-lapse and finding a way to have some air time. Yan Hardy started to build a small kicker on a lip facing the lake and we just chilled there shooting some backflip as the sun was going down.

The last run down, was pretty hectic. Hungry as we are, we started to head down, not paying attention of the ski-patrol sign ( we are french after all ) and went to the bottom of the resort. A mistake later, we ended up in a mud field, walking down a forest dirt road to join the main one. We had to hide our equipment in the wood to make sure somebody accept to drive us back in time to the resort to give back our ski passes.

Another day in the office, not the best ever, but in this difficult time, we were happy to finally find some snow in Monterosa and had our first Face-shoot. Not enough material to edit a video, but some nice pictures have been taken, so this first Powder Alert trip was a success.

Thanks a lot to WePowder for their support. We will be back in Monterosa.

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